Bay Window Caboose Kit

1. Bay Window Caboose Kit
2. 40' 1937 Box Car Kit with Viking Roof
3. 40' Laser Cut Box Car Kit with Viking Roof

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1. Price: $49.95
2. Price: $19.95
3. Price: $59.95
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40' AAR 1937 Box Car Bay Window Caboose Kit (HO-Scale)
In early 2015 we started the work in designing the "Bay Window Box Car caboose Kit" for the 1937 40' box car kit. A lot of time and money has been spent into this project in the last 2 years, more than it has been worth.

The only thing not included is the caboose trucks and wire grab irons.
1. Kadee:
            2003 40' Galvanized Apex Running Boards
            1580 Bettendorf AAR Caboose Trucks
or the Tichy-Train Products:
            3051 - Caboose Bettendorf Truck with two leaf springs
2. Detail Associates:
            6503 - Curved Grab Irons
            6504 - L Shape Grab Irons
            2222 - Eye Bolt

We offer the following:

1. Bay Window Box Car Caboose Kit - $49.95

NOTE: Instruction included and Detail Associates L Shape Grab Irons template

2. The original 40' Box Car Kit with Viking Roof - $19.95

3. The Laser Cut Box Car Kit with Viking Roof - $59.95

This bay window kit and box car kit can also be use for the Georgia RR caboose.