#1A - 20 X 30
Seaboard No.2 Depot Print

Price: $12.00

Seaboard Air Line Railway Depot (1906) Large outline blueprint copy
These prints are great for the Railroad Enthusiasts and modelers interested in the old railroads, how it was in the days long gone. This was the turn of the century, the time of those early steam locomotives. These prints can be framed, hung on the wall of your railroad club room or anywhere framed or not.
#1A - Seaboard Air Line Railway Depot - STANDARD No.2 DEPOT Revised May 11, 1906
(image: 16" X 28") diagram blueprint copy (mailed in a tube) Print Size: 20" X 30" width .

#1A - 20X30 Seaboard Depot No.2 Print - Price: $12.00 each $8.50 Shipping in a mailing tube