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NS-26000 & NS-26023
Norfolk Southern #26000 and #26023

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Norfolk Southern
NS-26000 & NS-26023
Special Run for ECR

Single Box Car
$18.95 Each

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NS 40' Double Door Box Car

Norfolk Southern 40' Double Door Box Car
Road Number: 26000 and 26023

Norfolk Southern 40' Double Door Box Car kit - HO scale (White Lettering Paint Scheme)
These box cars also have the correct stencil lettering like the original box cars.
These models are Made Exclusive for East Coast Railroads by Accurail.
Only a limited number of these models will be made, do not wail till they are Sold Out.

#26000 XM4, BLT 4-41, C.J. 11-48
#26023 XM4, BLT 4-37, C.J. 6-56

Product Features:

These easy-to-build HO Scale plastic car kits feature a one-piece body with details molded in place. Decorated models feature authentic paint and lettering schemes with end reporting marks. In addition, the trucks feature nonmagnetic axles, come with knuckle couplers. Also features exceptionally free-rolling wheels.