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6 Sets Per Box - Only $495.00

12 Aberdeen & Rockfish Cabooses
6 - ECRR-51 A&R #308
6 - ECRR-52 A&R #309

12 Durham & Southern Cabooses
6 - ECRR-53 D&S X85
6 - ECRR-54 D&S X86

12 Norfolk Southern Cabooses
6 - ECRR-56 NS #392
 6 - ECRR-58 NS #395


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MC / ACF 3 Window 36' Wood Caboose
Original built by the Magor Car and then the American Car and Foundry for the Seaboard Air Line Railway many of these were in service for a long time. A few of these wood cabooses were purchased second hand from Seaboard Air Line by a few smaller railroads.

No true to scale RTR caboose has been available for some of the smaller eastern railroads till now. Our all new detailed 3 window 36' wood caboose will require no assembling. Factory painted for the Aberdeen & Rockfish, Durham & Southern, (original) Norfolk Southern, and the original Seaboard Air Line version.

Product Features:
  • Super-detailed underbody
  • Vulcan leaf spring caboose trucks
  • Body-Mounted scale knuckle couplers
  • Full end detail, brake wheel, air whistle
  • Separate grab irons installed at the factory
  • Numerous railroad road numbers