Norfolk Southern Freight Station

The Original Norfolk Southern Railway; Fuquary-Varina NC

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NS Freight Station
Laser Kit

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The Norfolk Southern in Varina NC had a crossing junction with the Durham & Southern. This was also a interchange for any freight cars. The Durham & Southern had a passenger and freight depot in Varina NC while the Norfolk Southern had only a freight station. In 1969 Fuquay Springs and Varina merged to form Faquay-Varina NC.

East Coast Laser Kit: NS Freight Station (HO Scale)

Over a year of research and designing has gone into the development of this laser kit.
This laser kit consists of basswood and some dark laser board parts.
There may be a few extra parts included in different thickness (1/16" & 1/32").
It has 1/16" Clapboard sides, engraved roof shingles and more. 12" length X 4" wide
Freight Station Instructions link: NS Freight Station