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Charlotte (1965) 24X24 RR Map Print

Charlotte (1965)
24X24 RR Map Print

Price: $12.00

Charlotte (1965) Outline Railroad Map Print

Charlotte, NC Railroad Diagram Map

This print shows the 1965 trackage of the Norfolk Southern, Piedmont and Northern, Seaboard Air Line, Southern Railway. (We have a one of these 24 X 24 framed prints for $30.00 - Local Pick-Up Only)

Charlotte 24X24 Print - Price: $12.00 + $8.50 Shipped in a mailing tub

These prints are great for the Railroad Enthusiasts and modelers interested in the old railroads from the 1950's in Raleigh, North Carolina. How it was in the days long gone. This was the time of the diesel era and the steam locomotives were being phased out then. Most of these prints show the railroad turntable and roundhouse location. These maps may consists of some streets and bridges that no longer exist today. Most of these have been removed since then.

These prints can be framed, hung on the wall of your railroad club room or anywhere framed.