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"Smokey Hollow"

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Norfolk Southern Railway and the Seaboard Air Line Railway
1952 Topography Outline Railroad Yard Prints - Raleigh NC

These prints are great for the Railroad Enthusiasts and modelers interested in the old railroads from the 1950's in Raleigh, North Carolina. These prints can be framed, hung on the wall of your railroad club room or anywhere framed. This is how it was in the days long gone. This was the time of the diesel era and the steam locomotives were being phased out then.

Most of these prints show the railroad turntable and roundhouse location. Captial Blvd. was not even built then, which is now located in the low area between the two railroad yards. At the North end (top right) is "Edgeton Junction" where the two railroad tracks cross. This map consists of some streets that may no longer exist today. We also have the Right-Of-Way and Track Map print of the "Edgeton Junction", 10X20 and 16X30.

"Smokey Hollow"
The low-lying area between the Norfolk Southern train trestle and the Seaboard tracks to the east was all houses. That part of town was known as "Smokey Hollow". Back then it was a blue-collar neighborhood whose residents worked primarily for the railroad and other industrial businesses in the vicinity. The pall of smoke would be hanging over the place in the wintertime. Raleigh’s minor league baseball park, Devereaux Meadow, was located across Peace Street from Smokey Hollow. That venerable sports facility was demolished in 1979, and the city’s sanitation department occupies that site now.

In the 1950's through the 1970's, a wave of "urban renewal" changed the landscape of this area of Raleigh in a major way. With streets closing and factories closing, over time "Smokey Hollow" has nearly been wiped from Raleigh with only a few buildings still around today.

Smokey Hollow Prints:
  • 4. N.S.-S.A.L. RR Yard 24X36 Print (added space to fit a standard 24X36 frame)
  • 4A. N.S.-S.A.L. RR Yard 24X28 Print
  • 4B. N.S.-S.A.L. RR Yard 24X30 Print
  • 4C. N.S.-S.A.L. RR Yard 25X28 Print
  • 4F. All 3 Railroads 24X36 Print (added space to fit a standard 24X36 frame)
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