SAL (1954 & 1959) 24 X 36 $15.00
SAL (1954 & 1959) 36 X 60 $25.00
SAL (1954 & 1959) 18 X 30 $10.00

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Seaboard Air Line Railway Raleigh Yard 1954 & 1959

#5A - Seaboard Air Line Railway Yard (Raleigh NC) 1954 & 1959 Large outline print

SAL Railroad Yard in Raleigh, NC. This Seaboard Air Line large diagram map is very detailed showing the track location, building names, freight warehouse, coaling tower location, roundhouse and stalls. Back then the cinders from the steam locomotives were used to make Cinder Blocks (today only Concrete blocks). These cinder blocks were lighter in weight compared to the concrete block today. This Seaboard Air Line Yard diagram shows the location of the Cinder Block Company and many more railroad related business including Railway Express and the Seaboard Freight Station.

This 1954 map drawing is in 2 section due to it's size. Also included is a 1959 section showing the changes to the roundhouse stalls. (mailed in a tube) #5B is the original layout size.

Print Size: 24" X 36" width

#5B - Seaboard Air Line Railway Yard (Raleigh NC) 1954 & 1959 Very Large outline print
Print Size: 36 X 60 width (3' X 5')

Product Features:
  • 5A. S.A.L. Railroad Yard (24 X 36) $15.00 each + $8.50 Shipping in a mailing tube
  • 5B. S.A.L. Railroad Yard (36 X 60) $25.00 each + $12.00 Shipping in a mailing tub
  • 5C. S.A.L. Railroad Yard (18 X 30) $10.00 each + $8.50 Shipping in a mailing tub

These prints are great for the Railroad Enthusiasts and modelers interested in the old railroads from the 1950's in Raleigh, North Carolina. How it was in the days long gone. This was the time of the diesel era and the steam locomotives were being phased out then. These prints can be framed, hung on the wall of your railroad club room or anywhere framed or not.