About Us

 Based in North Carolina, we started in 2013 branching out in the model train hobby. In 2014 we made this into a business by expanding out more into limited run models made exclusive for East Coast Railroads. Between June 2014 and July 2015 we have made available 10 different original Norfolk Southern HO scale models that were not available before. In January 2016 came out with our new 3-window wood caboose from the original blueprints furnished by Warren Calloway. These original Seaboard cabooses were purchased second hand by the Aberdeen & Rockfish, Durham & Southern, Norfolk Southern plus a few other smaller railroads.

 Our principle is to make quality products and provide reliable items not available before. Our diversified product range continues to grow by ideas from friends and listening to the customer. Our unique service has allowed us to make a distinctive and substantial impact for our clients. As a dealer and distributor we also sell to other dealers.

 Many of our items we sell are made for or by East Coast Models and are only available direct, at train shows and on eBay.
Our eBay ID: EastCoastRailroads                                      UpDated: July 2016

East Coast Railrods Product Dealers:
There are a few dealers that carry our products.
If your local hobby shop does not carry our products, have them contact us.

Custom Painted Models:
All our demo models are custom painted by Thom Anderson.

Our Future Goal

Our goal is to produce a few HO scale train products that have not been available before. We will be expanding our sales to offer other HO scale models available, New and some Used (Like New) items by other model train manufacturers.