Seaboard Air Line Passenger Car Diagram Book

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All of these original prints have been scan and saved on a CD at Duncan-Parnell where they do most of our printing. The original 6 X 14 Seaboard (SAL) passenger diagram blueprint book is blue with white lettering. Duncan-Parnell scanned the original pages and reversed the copies to black lettering on white. Each scan page outline was then cleaned up some on the outer part of the scan and numbers were added where the scan may have missed some page numbers.

As to the original cover, it was not in real good condition. The outline was redone new, the cover lettering was copied onto the new cover page and the Seaboard Air Line name and herald was added since there was no railroad name on the original cover.  This diagram book was last revised in 1947 and it has over 110 pages plus the cover. Includes 8 business cars, mail-baggage, pass-baggage, diners, parlor-diner, express cars, horse-express, coaches, buffet-coach, coach-diner, M&B oil-elec., M&B gas-elec., M&B trailer cars, plus 15 pages of the "Silver Meteor" streamline cars.


Seaboard Air Line 8.5 X 11
Passenger Car Diagram Book


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