Photos of Our Custom Painted ACL and SAL Models:

All our custom models are painted by Thom Anderson.


Atlantic Coast Line and Seaboard Air Line Custom Freight Cars

The decals use on these ACL/SAL early models were Art Griffin Decals: A very extensive line of early rail decals. I found them a few years ago.

    ACL (Atlantic Coast Line) ventilated wood box car #28605 (AHM) yellow sides.


    ACL (Atlantic Coast Line) wood box car #15466 (MDC/Roundhouse) with wire grab irons


    ACL (Atlantic Coast Line) Bulkhead Pulpwood Flat #70467 (Tichy Train Group)"


    SAL (Seaboard Air Line) wood box car #1110 and #1011 (MDC/Roundhouse) with wire grab irons,

    Detail End View


    MW #3404 Flat Car / Low Side Gondola (Tichy Train Group) Maintenance Of Way. FOR SALE

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