Bowser: New RTR 3-Bay 70-Ton Wood Chip Hoppers

Norfolk Southern (gray) New Numbers

41939 NS-8210
41940 NS-8217
41941 NS-8224

Retail Price: $25.95

Bowser: NS
3-Bay Wood Chip
Hopper RTR

Price: $20.95 each

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BOWSER: (RTR) 3-Bay 70-Ton Wood Chip Hopper
Norfolk Southern 3-Bay 70-Ton Wood Chip Hopper. NS-8210, NS-8217, NS-8224
Built: CJ 11-63

We can add real wood chip (Like These) for $7.00 each, Contact Us

BELOW: The plastic wood chip load looked so-so, so I decide to spray it with contact glue, roll it in some screen strained fine sawdust.