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Broadway Limited: SAL EMD E-6A #3015, Paragon3 Sound/DC/DCC, HO

New Run 70 Ton 14 Panel Durham & Southern 3-Bay Hopper, #6002, #6005, #6013, #6021, #6025, #6027
These HO kits are made Exclusively for East Coast Railroads - - Click on Image Below
Our New Limited Run HO Scale Models:

Now Available:
Durham & Southern #6002, #6005, #6013, #6021, #6025, #6027 70 Tom 3-Bay Hopper (New Item)
Norfolk Southern #369 and #376 Red Steel Caboose
Norfolk Southern 26000, 26023 40' Double Door Box Car kit.
Norfolk Southern 26007, 26024 40' Double Door Box Car kit.
Norfolk Southern 1274, 1340 50' Combo Door Box Car kit.
Norfolk Southern 27088, 27235 40' Single Door Box Car kit.
Norfolk Southern 2208, 2248 50' Modern Box Car kit.
Norfolk Southern #7216, #7220 41' AAR Gondola (Available Now)
Norfolk Southern #5313, #5336, #5375, #5392 PS Covered Hopper (Available Now)
Norfolk Southern 8505, 8509, 8512  2-Bay Gray Hopper kit, Set-3.
Norfolk Southern 8521, 8528, 8537  2-Bay Gray Hopper kit, Set-4.
Norfolk Southern #9106, #9115, #9122, #9130, #9144, #9158 Wood Chip Hopper (Available)
Norfolk Southern 9749, 9754, 9757 Offset 2-Bay Hopper kit.
All HO scale models are made exclusively by or for East Coast Railroads.
Also Available the New Bowser Norfolk Southern 8208,8218, 8229 3-Bay Wood Chip Hopper (Available)
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More New Freight Cars have been added as of 11-26-2017
New Railway Express Cars have been added as of 12-21-2017
Aso Available . . . . . Diesel Models, most have sound

Our stock of MC/ACF 3 Window 36' Wood Cabooses are getting low,
so order now before they are sold out. 23 different versions available.

Our Wood Chip Loads Are Now Available (Click On Image Above)
"Norfolk Southern 2-Bay Wood Chip Hooper Now Available"
(The Only Accurate Original Norfolk Southern Wood Chip Hopper Model Made)

Our first quick sample of the built Norfolk Southern (unpainted) Bay Window Caboose kit (Click On Image Above)

2018 Train Show Schedule

January 13-14: Charlotte, NC - Worlds Greatest Hobby On Tour
March 17-18: Atlanta, GA - Cobb Gallera Center
April 7: Hickory, NC - 16th Annual NC Railroad Extravaganza
May 5: Raleigh, NC - Spring Intro Trains Show (Scott Building, NC State Fairgrounds)
May 17-19: Spencer, NC - North Carolina Transportation Museum
June 30 - July 1: Gaston Conference Center, Gastonia, NC - NC Rail-Strava-Ganza
October 13-14: Virginia Beach, VA - Tidewater Annual Train Show
November 3-4: Raleigh, NC - Neuse River Valley Train Show

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Bachmann HO: NS Thoroughbred Set
Bachmann HO: N&W 4-8-4 Class J #613 with Sound
Broadway Limited HO: Water Tower with Sound


Durham & Southern,
and Norfolk Southern
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double sided keychains.

4 Different Railroad
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Bay Window Caboose
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2019 Norfolk Southern
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Noverber 19, 2018

NEW Steam Locomotives Have Been Added

The Complete
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As Seen In October Issue 2018 Model Railroad News
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