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NS Set-3 (3-car set) #8505, 8509, 8512
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Norfolk Southern
NS Set-3 Gray 2-Bay Hopper
Special Run for ECR

Special Price: $53.00

NS Set-3: Norfolk Southern Gray 2-Bay Hopper
Road Number: 8505, 8509, 8512 - Norfolk Southern (gray) 55 Ton Fishbelly Hopper Car kit - HO scale (available in 6 different road numbers) Made Exclusive for East Coast Railroads
Only 50 sets of all 6 road numbers will be available on our 2nd run (November 2014).
With only a limited number of models being made, do not wait till they are Sold Out.

Originally built in the 1930ís, these steam era hoppers continued to run well into the diesel days and provided backbone and reliability to some of the nation's railroads. Norfolk Southern hauled mostly sand in their hoppers. We also have these Sand Loads (BH-006S) only available from East Coast Railroads. These hopper cars also have the correct stencil lettering like the original hopper cars. HM, BLT 6-41, C 4-67

Product Features:

This model is custom made for East Coast Railroads by Bowser, this 55 Ton 2-Bay Fishbelly Hopper Freight Car Kit is pre-lettered in the Norfolk Southern gray paint scheme . Highly detailed kit is made of injection molded styrene. Includes magnetic knuckle couplers with metal springs, and plastic wheels with metal axles.