The Making Of The MC/ACF 36' Wood Caboose Model:

  East Coast Railroads noticed that there were a few other smaller eastern railroad diesel engines made within the past 15 years but there were no cabooses made for these railroads. They made the Durham & Southern GP-38-2, the Aberdeen & Rockfish GP-7 and F-3 but no caboose. Then we noticed that in the past few years many diesels were made for the original Norfolk Southern and the Seaboard Air Line but there were no accurate cabooses. Only a few Seaboard Air Line brass cabooses were made, if you can find one.

  Now we have four railroads with a much needed caboose and found them all to be of the same 3 window 36" wood caboose design. This is the reason East Coast Railroads decided to build this wood caboose model. This HO scale model was built from the actual blueprints and it took 1 years in the making from start to finish. (Made in China) Release Date: Feb. 2016

  Thanks to Warren Calloway for the information and images that were contributed for this project.

MC/ACF 3 Window 36' Wood Caboose:

  Original built by the Magor Car and then the American Car and Foundry for the Seaboard Air Line Railway and many of these cabooses were in service for a long time. A few of these wood cabooses were purchased second hand from Seaboard Air Line by a few smaller railroads. Aberdeen & Rockfish, Durham & Southern, (original) Norfolk Southern plus a few others.

Now we have been asked about the Atlantic Coast Line and the Seaboard Coast Line steel caboose. That is only two railroads, what other railroads had this same caboose? We would need to know of two or more railroads that purchased these caboose second hand. Plus we would need copies of the original drawings or any scale drawings to make a model. Color photos and high resolution images would be needed for the correct lettering.


  East Coast Railroads first considered the Norfolk Southern 380-391 bay window caboose. There was a Early version and a Late version. The Georgia Railroad also had a very similar caboose (late version). The FEC bay window appears to be more different and I know of no other railroad with a bay window caboose made from a box car. To produce this caboose, we would have to do all 12 NS numbers and 3 of the GA. Sales for this caboose would be limited to a small number of modeler.

This bay window caboose has been put aside for now to maybe consider a parts kit in the future.
40' AAR 1937 Box Car Bay Window Caboose parts information (Updated: Feb. 13, 2015)

More CAD drawings, early version:

Parts Kit CAD Drawings, Late Version: Bay Window Caboose.pdf


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