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Our New "Norfolk Southern" Models (HO Scale):

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The above slide show is of our new Norfolk Southern Freight Car Models made exclusive for East Coast Railroads. Correct detail lettering from high resolution photo images. Norfolk Southern 40' double door box car NS 26000, NS 26023 & 26007, 26024 with herald.
Also the Norfolk Southern 50' combo door box car NS 1274, NS 1340 as built in 1959.
GO_HERE for more detail information on these new Norfolk Southern models (HO scale).

We also have the Norfolk Southern freight car decals. NS-011 Double Door box car,
NS-014 Gray 40' box car, NS-015 Gray Combo Door, NS-016 yellow lettering Combo Door box car. ~ NS Decals ~

Limited Run Models
Now Available: The Norfolk Southern 8500 Series (gray) 55 Ton Fishbelly Hopper Car kit in HO Scale (6 different road numbers) Made Exclusively for East Coast Railroads.
NS #8500, 8501, 8518, 8526, 8531, 8534. "Only 6 sets left (9/30)"

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Coming Soon . . . . . November 12, 2014
New Norfolk Southern 2-Bay Gray Hopper
Set-3 # 8505, 8509, 8512
Set-4 # 8521, 8528, 8537

Our Next Train Shows for 2014
. . . Raleigh NC - November 8-9
Check Our FORUM for more detail information on these train shows.

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NS Freight Car Decals
Steam Locomotive

~ New Railroad Map Prints ~
Charlotte (1965)
Fuquay-Varina (1977)

Railroad Maps
and More ~ Norfolk Southern, Seaboard Air Line, Southern Ry.

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Custom Painted
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October 14, 2014
New Product Notes
1. New NS Hoppers
Set-3 new numbers
Set-4 new numbers

2. More Freight Cars
have been added.

3. Our New Norfolk Southern Models
Are Now Available.

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