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Our New Limited Run HO Scale Models:

The above 3 minute video ad shows our new Norfolk Southern Freight Car Models made exclusively for East Coast Railroads and our New Wood Caboose Models. Correct detail lettering from high resolution photo images. Our 2nd Run of the Norfolk Southern Gray 2 Bay Hoppers are now available with all new numbers. We now have over 20 Norfolk Southern HO scale models available.

Limited Run Models
Now Available:
Norfolk Southern #369 and #376 Red Steel Caboose
Norfolk Southern 26000, 26023 40' Double Door Box Car kit.
Norfolk Southern 26007, 26024 40' Double Door Box Car kit.
Norfolk Southern 1274, 1340 50' Combo Door Box Car kit.
Norfolk Southern 27088, 27235 40' Single Door Box Car kit.
Norfolk Southern 2208, 2248 50' Modern Box Car kit.
Norfolk Southern 9749, 9754, 9757 Offset 2-Bay Hopper kit.
Norfolk Southern 8505, 8509, 8512  2-Bay Gray Hopper kit, Set-3.
Norfolk Southern 8521, 8528, 8537  2-Bay Gray Hopper kit, Set-4.
(we also have loads available for this offset hopper)
All HO scale models are made exclusively for East Coast Railroads.
Now Available . . . . . Order Here

"Our All New MC/ACF 3 Window 36' Wood Caboose"
~ Now Available in A&R, D&S, NS, SAL ~

2016 Train Show Schedule

March 4-5, Asheville NC
March 12-13, Atlanta GA
April 23-24, (Coastal Carolina Trainfest) Wilmington NC
July 8-10, (NMRA) Indianapolis IN
September 17-18, (Great Train Show) Raleigh NC
November 5-6, (Neuse River Valley Train Show) Raleigh NC

Norfolk Southern 36' Wood Box for 2016

Anyone interested in a NS 36' Wood Box Car kit?
(HO scale) Maybe in November 2016 if enough interest.
"Your Comments Are Welcome"

4 Different Railroad
Vinyl Adhesive Emblems
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Bay Window Caboose
Decals, Now Available

made by MicroScale


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D&S Models

August 31, 2016

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More Railroad Books

1. Durham & Southern
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2. Norfolk Southern
Gildan T-Shirts
3. Norfolk Southern
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Norfolk Southern
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